How to fix :bosch dishwasher error code ?


Heading 2: Introduction

Bosch dishwashers are known for their reliability and efficiency. However, like any other appliance, they can encounter errors that need to be fixed. One of the most common errors that Bosch dishwasher owners face is the E15 error code. This error code indicates that there is a problem with the dishwasher’s water supply. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to fix the E15 error code on your Bosch dishwasher.

Heading 2: Causes of the E15 Error Code

Before we dive into the instructions for fixing the E15 error code, it’s important to understand what causes this error code to appear. The E15 error code is triggered when the dishwasher’s anti-flood system is activated. This system is designed to prevent water from overflowing and causing damage to your home. The anti-flood system is activated when the dishwasher detects a leak or a blockage in the water supply.

There are several reasons why the anti-flood system may be triggered, including:

– A kinked or damaged water supply hose
– A clogged water supply filter
– A faulty water inlet valve
– A malfunctioning pressure switch

Heading 2: Instructions for Fixing the E15 Error Code

Now that you understand what causes the E15 error code, let’s dive into the instructions for fixing it. Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Step 1: Turn off the Power

The first step is to turn off the power to your Bosch dishwasher. You can do this by unplugging the dishwasher or turning off the circuit breaker that powers it.

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Step 2: Check the Water Supply Hose

The next step is to check the water supply hose for any kinks or damage. If you find any kinks or damage, straighten the hose or replace it if necessary.

Step 3: Check the Water Supply Filter

The water supply filter is located at the end of the water supply hose that connects to the dishwasher. Remove the filter and clean it thoroughly. If the filter is damaged, replace it.

Step 4: Check the Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is responsible for controlling the flow of water into the dishwasher. Check the valve for any signs of damage or wear. If the valve is faulty, it will need to be replaced.

Step 5: Check the Pressure Switch

The pressure switch is responsible for detecting the water level in the dishwasher. If the switch is malfunctioning, it may trigger the anti-flood system and cause the E15 error code to appear. Check the switch for any signs of damage or wear. If the switch is faulty, it will need to be replaced.

Step 6: Reset the Dishwasher

Once you have checked all of the components listed above, it’s time to reset the dishwasher. To do this, turn the power back on and run a cycle. If the E15 error code does not appear, the issue has been resolved. If the error code reappears, you may need to call a professional to diagnose and fix the issue.

Heading 2: Conclusion

The E15 error code on your Bosch dishwasher can be frustrating, but it’s not an insurmountable problem. By following the instructions outlined in this article, you can diagnose and fix the issue yourself. If you’re not comfortable working on your dishwasher, don’t hesitate to call a professional for assistance. With a little bit of effort, you can get your Bosch dishwasher back up and running in no time.

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