tattoo bubbling how to fix ?

Tattoo Bubbling: How to Fix It

Tattoo Bubbling: How to Fix It


Tattoo bubbling is a common problem that occurs when the skin around a tattoo becomes raised and bumpy. This can be caused by a number of factors, including improper aftercare, poor tattooing techniques, and allergic reactions. If you’re experiencing tattoo bubbling, don’t panic. There are several steps you can take to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Causes of Tattoo Bubbling

Improper Aftercare

One of the most common causes of tattoo bubbling is improper aftercare. If you don’t take care of your tattoo properly after getting it, you increase your risk of developing complications like bubbling. This can happen if you don’t keep the area clean, don’t apply enough ointment, or expose the tattoo to water or sunlight too soon after getting it.

Poor Tattooing Techniques

Another cause of tattoo bubbling is poor tattooing techniques. If the tattoo artist doesn’t use the right needle or doesn’t apply the ink properly, it can cause the skin to become irritated and bumpy. This is more likely to happen if the artist is inexperienced or doesn’t have the proper training.

Allergic Reactions

In some cases, tattoo bubbling can be caused by an allergic reaction to the ink or other materials used during the tattooing process. This is more likely to happen if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergic reactions. If you suspect that you’re having an allergic reaction, you should seek medical attention right away.

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How to Fix Tattoo Bubbling

Clean the Area

The first step in fixing tattoo bubbling is to clean the area around the tattoo. Use a mild soap and warm water to gently wash the area, being careful not to scrub too hard. Pat the area dry with a clean towel.

Apply Ointment

After cleaning the area, apply a thin layer of ointment to the tattoo. This will help to soothe the skin and prevent further irritation. Be sure to use a product that is specifically designed for tattoo aftercare.

Avoid Water and Sunlight

While your tattoo is healing, it’s important to avoid exposing it to water and sunlight. This can cause the skin to become irritated and increase your risk of developing complications like bubbling. Try to keep the area covered and avoid activities like swimming or sunbathing until your tattoo has fully healed.

Consult a Professional

If your tattoo bubbling doesn’t improve after a few days, or if you’re experiencing other symptoms like fever or swelling, you should consult a professional. A dermatologist or tattoo artist can help you determine the cause of the problem and recommend the best course of treatment.

Preventing Tattoo Bubbling

Follow Proper Aftercare

The best way to prevent tattoo bubbling is to follow proper aftercare. This means keeping the area clean, applying ointment as directed, and avoiding water and sunlight until your tattoo has fully healed. Be sure to follow any instructions provided by your tattoo artist or dermatologist.

Choose a Reputable Tattoo Artist

Another way to prevent tattoo bubbling is to choose a reputable tattoo artist. Look for someone who has the proper training and experience, and who uses high-quality materials and equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or to check out the artist’s portfolio before getting a tattoo.

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Test for Allergies

If you have a history of allergic reactions, it’s a good idea to test for allergies before getting a tattoo. This can help you avoid complications like bubbling and ensure that you’re getting a safe and effective tattoo.


Tattoo bubbling can be a frustrating and uncomfortable problem, but it’s not uncommon. By following proper aftercare, choosing a reputable tattoo artist, and testing for allergies, you can reduce your risk of developing complications like bubbling. If you do experience tattoo bubbling, be sure to clean the area, apply ointment, and avoid water and sunlight until your tattoo has fully healed. If the problem persists, consult a professional for help.

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