Top 5 Fixes to Avast Service High CPU Usage 100%

Avast is one of the more popular antivirus programs with consumers. Avast is able to protect its users from spyware, malicious websites, phishing attempts, and even hacking attempts. Sometimes, though, there can be side effects of using an antivirus program like Avast. For example, if the disk usage is high or high CPU usage is occurring, this could be due to Avast. There are easy have top 5 Fixes to Avast Service High CPU Usage here .

Many people are confused about how to deal with their Avast CPU Usage issue. The problem is that many people do not understand what their CPU is for, how does it affect my system and what does it do. There are different parts in your computer like Hard Drive, Memory and Video Memory but all these components play an important role in your computer’s operation. These components help in the functioning of your computer and make it run smoothly.

How To Fix Avast Service High CPU Usage or Disk Usage Issue?

If you want to deal with your Avast CPU Usage problem then you should use the built in utility called “AVAST Recovery”. This utility can be installed through windows installer or can be downloaded through the internet. It is easy to use as it contains several steps that you can follow. Just follow the steps properly and your computer will be back to normal in no time.

The first step that you have to do is to disable your antivirus program and remove it from your system tray. Open task manager by pressing ‘ctrl+alt+del’, choose the programs that you want to uninstall and click on the option ‘Remove’. For this step to work properly, you should close all other programs like explorer, info. Next, go to start menu and click on system tray icon and remove the antivirus program there too.

Top 5 Fixes to Avast Service High CPU Usage
Top 5 Fixes to Avast Service High CPU Usage

The next step is to uninstall all the unnecessary programs that are not required by your operating system. Go to settings/appliance manager and click on the apps tab. Click on the option ‘Uninstall’ and on the pop up screen, click on the option ‘Check and Install apps now’. Finally click on the option ‘finish’.

The third and final step is to go to control panel and click on the option ‘processor management’ and on the pop up screen, click on the option ‘processes managed’ and on the pop up screen, click on the option’manage processors’. Once done with the process, go to start menu and click on the option ‘platform’ and on the pop up screen, click on the option ‘start’. Now repeat the process for all the processors on your machine. You can see the AVAST CPU Activity in your task manager by right clicking on the processes and checking out the details.

The above procedures might not work for you if your computer is stuck in the “throttle” state due to avast cpu overheating. If you feel that none of the methods help to get rid of the avast cpu service high CPU usage issue, you can use the automated tools provided in avast registry cleaner. These tools are programmed to automatically scan and repair any of the problems that might be troubling your system to ensure that it runs at its optimum performance. With these easy and effective steps, you can easily get rid of your troublesome real time CPU consumption issue.

Solution 1: Increase the scan frequency to achieve the maximum value (Chang ScanFrequency=999)

Step 1 : Press the Windows + R and type cmd and hit enter. Run Command Prompt as Admin.

Step 2 : Type this command C:\ ProgramData\AvastSoftware\Avast and press enter. It will take you to the following folder where you will be able to execute further actions

Step 3 : Open the avast5.ini file and insert the following command in line [GrimeFighter]: ScanFrequency=999


And Finish : Save the file and restart your computer.

Solution 2 : Try Update Avast New Version

Avast Antivirus is a security software designed to help keep PCs safe. The product includes both virus protection and malware detection. Avast Antivirus offers protection for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. The latest version of Avast, 2018, includes three layers of proactive protection, an anti-phishing component, and other features. It offers the ability to identify adware, malicious, malware, unwanted files, and other threats.

Step 1 : Double click Click on Avast or its icon in the system tray to open it.

Step 2 : From the drop-down menu, click on Menu and then click on Settings.

Step 3 : Click the General Tab and click on the Update Tab.

Step 4 : Two updates buttons There are two buttons. One is for the updating of the virus definitions database, the other is for the program update.


Step 5 : Update Both the database and program. Be patient while Avast checks the database for updates online. Then, follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 6 : After it is done, check to see if the high CPU usage issue with avast has returned to normal.

Solution 3 : Repair the Avast Program on Uninstall or Change a program

With this way we do quite simply by simple operations in Control Panel. Specifically we make Repair AVAST as follows:

Step 1 : We are press Windows + R key, type control panel and then hit Enter to open it.

Step 2 : When opening the Control Panel panel, we will see Uninstall a Program under the Programs section and click it .

Step 3 : Find the Avast software and right-click it to choose Uninstall.

Step 4 : Then it Open this table and we are choose Repair to fix the program.


Step 5 : Wait a some minutes go to Finish

Solution 4 : Try Scan AVAST virus

There are many cases of installing avast antivirus software but still have a virus so we try to use the antivirus software to scan the virus .

Scan AVAST virus
Scan AVAST virus

Solution 5 : Remove Avast Cleanup tool

Step 1. Open Avast user interface by clicking its icon at the system tray.

Step 2. Click Menu button on the upper right corner and then choose Settings.

Step 3. Switch to the Components tab.

Step 4. Find the Avast Cleanup tool and click the downward facing arrow next to it.

Remove Avast Cleanup Tool
Remove Avast Cleanup Tool

Step 5. Then choose Uninstall Component and click OK to confirm the uninstallation.

Step 6. Restart the Avast program check if the Avast service high CPU issue has been resolved.

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