what does the a on a hockey jersey mean ?

What Does the “A” on a Hockey Jersey Mean?

What Does the “A” on a Hockey Jersey Mean?


Hockey is a sport that is steeped in tradition and history. One of the most recognizable symbols of the game is the jersey that players wear. Each jersey is adorned with a number and a letter, which can signify a variety of things. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the “A” on a hockey jersey.

What is the “A” on a Hockey Jersey?

The “A” on a hockey jersey stands for “Alternate Captain.” In addition to the team captain, who wears a “C” on their jersey, there can be up to two alternate captains on a team. These players are chosen by the team’s coaching staff and are typically veteran players who have demonstrated leadership both on and off the ice.

How is the “A” Earned?

On-Ice Performance

One of the primary ways that a player can earn an “A” on their jersey is through their on-ice performance. Alternate captains are typically players who have a strong work ethic, are reliable in all situations, and consistently perform at a high level. They are often players who have a significant impact on the outcome of games and are respected by their teammates and opponents alike.

Off-Ice Leadership

In addition to on-ice performance, alternate captains are also chosen for their off-ice leadership. They are players who lead by example, both in the locker room and in the community. They are often involved in charitable work and are respected by their teammates for their professionalism and dedication to the game.

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What are the Responsibilities of an Alternate Captain?

Alternate captains have a number of responsibilities both on and off the ice. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the team captain in leading the team
  • Communicating with the coaching staff and players
  • Representing the team in media interviews and public appearances
  • Encouraging and motivating teammates
  • Setting an example of professionalism and dedication


The “A” on a hockey jersey is a symbol of leadership and dedication. Alternate captains are chosen for their on-ice performance and off-ice leadership, and they have a number of responsibilities both on and off the ice. Whether you are a player, a coach, or a fan, understanding the meaning behind the “A” on a hockey jersey is an important part of the game’s rich history and tradition.

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