what is a hose bib ?

What is a Hose Bib?

A hose bib, also known as an outdoor faucet or spigot, is a valve that is installed on the exterior of a building or home. It is used to connect a garden hose or other watering device to a water supply. Hose bibs are typically made of brass, copper, or plastic and are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Types of Hose Bibs

Standard Hose Bib

The standard hose bib is the most common type of outdoor faucet. It has a threaded spout that allows for the attachment of a garden hose. The valve is turned on and off by rotating a handle or knob. Standard hose bibs are available in various sizes and styles to fit different applications.

Frost-Free Hose Bib

A frost-free hose bib, also known as a freeze-proof faucet, is designed to prevent freezing during cold weather. It has a long stem that extends into the house, where it is warmer, and a shut-off valve that is located inside the house. When the faucet is turned off, the water drains out of the spout, preventing it from freezing and causing damage.

Vacuum Breaker Hose Bib

A vacuum breaker hose bib is designed to prevent backflow of contaminated water into the drinking water supply. It has a built-in vacuum breaker that prevents water from flowing back into the house. This type of hose bib is required by plumbing codes in many areas.

Installation of Hose Bibs


The location of the hose bib is important for convenience and functionality. It should be located near the area where it will be used the most, such as a garden or patio. It should also be easily accessible and protected from freezing temperatures.

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Installation Process

The installation process for a hose bib involves cutting a hole in the exterior wall of the house and installing the valve. The valve is then connected to the water supply line and secured in place. The spout is attached to the valve and sealed with plumber’s tape or sealant.

Maintenance of Hose Bibs


During the winter months, it is important to properly winterize hose bibs to prevent freezing and damage. This involves turning off the water supply to the hose bib and draining any remaining water from the spout. A cover can also be installed to protect the valve from freezing temperatures.

Leak Detection

Regular inspection of hose bibs can help detect leaks and prevent water damage. Signs of a leak include water stains on the exterior wall or a damp area around the spout. If a leak is detected, the valve should be turned off and a plumber should be called to repair the leak.


A hose bib is an essential component of any outdoor water system. It provides a convenient and reliable source of water for gardening, washing cars, and other outdoor activities. Understanding the different types of hose bibs and proper installation and maintenance can help ensure a long-lasting and functional outdoor faucet.

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