when does makuhita evolve ?

When Does Makuhita Evolve? – A Comprehensive Guide

When Does Makuhita Evolve? – A Comprehensive Guide


Makuhita is a Fighting-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation III. It is known for its high HP and Attack stats, making it a popular choice among trainers. However, many trainers are often left wondering when Makuhita evolves and what its evolution looks like. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on when Makuhita evolves and what you can expect from its evolution.

When Does Makuhita Evolve?

Makuhita evolves into Hariyama at level 24. This means that if you want to evolve your Makuhita, you will need to level it up to level 24. Once it reaches this level, it will automatically evolve into Hariyama.

How to Level Up Makuhita

There are several ways to level up your Makuhita. The most common way is to battle other Pokémon. Each battle will earn your Makuhita experience points (XP), which will help it level up. The more battles your Makuhita wins, the faster it will level up.

You can also level up your Makuhita by using Rare Candies. Rare Candies are items that instantly level up your Pokémon by one level. You can find Rare Candies throughout the game or purchase them from certain vendors.

What Does Hariyama Look Like?

Hariyama is the evolved form of Makuhita. It is a large, humanoid Pokémon with a muscular build. It has a yellow body with black markings on its arms and legs. Its face is also black with a white stripe down the middle. Hariyama has a large, round belly that it uses to store energy for its powerful attacks.

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Why Evolve Makuhita?

Evolving Makuhita into Hariyama has several benefits. First, Hariyama has higher stats than Makuhita, making it a stronger and more powerful Pokémon. Hariyama also has access to a wider range of moves, including some powerful Fighting-type moves that Makuhita cannot learn.

In addition, Hariyama has a unique ability called Guts. This ability increases Hariyama’s Attack stat when it is affected by a status condition, such as Poison or Burn. This makes Hariyama even more powerful in battle.


In conclusion, Makuhita evolves into Hariyama at level 24. To level up your Makuhita, you can battle other Pokémon or use Rare Candies. Hariyama is a strong and powerful Pokémon with higher stats and a wider range of moves than Makuhita. Evolving Makuhita into Hariyama is a great way to make your team stronger and more competitive.

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